-rydel is my girlfriend. not ratliff's.
-your life is wrong if you think you love rydel more than me

I went for a walk today and this guy pulled up beside me to ask for directions, so I told him and before I could leave he stopped me again and said, “I noticed you aren’t smiling. Now why aren’t you smiling?” I didn’t know what to say so I just said I was cold. He asked for my name and age, which I told him, then he said “Wow, you should be smiling.” That made me smile which made him really happy and he said, “Ah, see, there you go. You’re smiling. Have a wonderful day.” Then he drove off.

Sometimes, I really like people. Especially people who are happy about others being happy.


R5 the other day! (10-7-14)


creepy shizz. october has been good so far.


Q: You have a younger brother, Ryland. Doesn’t he want to be in the band?

RIker: When we started R5 he just wanted to be an ordinary teenager. But now he’s become a DJ and tours with us!

does anyone at your school know about your blog?

soooo many.

thoughts on r-rydel?


BAE. her blog is so pretty, and cute. ship her and rydel more than rydellington. LITERAL FAV <3